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Public Affairs Office

Public Affairs Counselor: Frank J Whitaker

The Public Affairs Office is responsible for press relations, information resource services and cultural programs of the U.S. Embassy. The Public Affairs Office is headed by the Counselor for Public Affairs who is assisted by the Press Attaché and the Cultural Attaché.

The Press Section handles all relations between the U.S. Embassy and the media: responds to questions from the press, provides information to the media on U.S. foreign policy and current issues, and arranges interviews with U.S. government officials and press coverage of Embassy events.

The Cultural Section administers a variety of educational and professional development exchange programs, including the International Visitors Leadership Program, which sends mid-level Malaysian professionals to the U.S. to meet their American counterparts and become familiar with the U.S. The Cultural Section also manages the U.S. Speaker Program, which brings American experts representing a range of disciplines to speak at universities and participate in seminars, exchanging views with Malaysian audiences.

The Cultural Section also supports the educational advising and program management activities of the Malaysian-American Commission on Educational Exchange (MACEE) which administers various educational programs, including the Fulbright Scholarship Program. MACEE also provides information and guidance on studying in the U.S.

The Lincoln Resource Center provides research and reference services, specializing in current U.S. policy, legislation, trade, social and cultural issues, among other topics. The Center responds to queries from government officials, academics, members of the media and private citizens. It also continuously updates the resources available on the U.S. Embassy website, insuring it provides information of interest and importance to our on-line audience.

The Lincoln Resource Center librarians oversee seven Lincoln Corners, located throughout Malaysia in government public libraries. These are special collections representing high quality American publications including fiction and non-fiction books and a variety of current journals and magazines and electronic media.

The Public Affairs Office offers digital video conferences (DVC) between U.S. officials or experts in the U.S. and audiences in Malaysia through its DVC facilities at the Embassy and at the Lincoln Corners. Access to all library materials and attendance at DVC's and other speaker programs held there are free-of-charge.