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Lost Passports

Replacing a Lost, Stolen, Damaged or Mutilated Passport

Replacing/Converting a Limited Validity Emergency Passport

If your passport has been lost or stolen, please report the loss as quickly as possible to the ACS unit. To replace the passport, you must file a report with the Malaysian police.

For damaged or mutilated passports, you will need to follow the instructions shown below AND provide an affidavit explaining the circumstances of the damage to the passport.  Blank affidavit forms are available at the Embassy. You will be asked to take an oath and to sign in the presence of a consular officer.

The ACS unit can replace lost, stolen, damaged or mutilated passports upon verification of your identity, and your citizenship, with a valid passport. An emergency, limited validity passport may be issued for immediate travel (please bring proof of travel: airline ticket or electronic ticket if your departure is imminent), or if you will not be traveling within two weeks you will be issued a full-validity passport (processing period approximately 2 weeks).

Instructions, Lost/Stolen/Damaged/Mutilated:

To obtain a replacement passport, ALL applicants, including children, MUST appear in person at the Embassy with the following items:

  1. Two different application forms, completed (Please do not sign this form until asked to do so at the Embassy) 
  2. Form DS-11 and Form DS-64
  3. Please type or print legibly in black ink when completing all sections of this application. Please print out and submit only one-sided pages of the application.  Note: the online version of the application form includes instructions on the backside written for use in the United States, which do not apply to your application in Malaysia.

Each DS-11 application form must be accompanied by:

  • Police Report or an affidavit (as explained below)
  • All available identification (as explained below)
  • No identification? Bring someone who can vouch for you (as explained below)
  • Two photos (as explained below)
  • Fees (as explained below) AND
  • Additional documents as requested.
  • A police report substantiating loss or theft;
  • Your damaged or mutilated passport and an affidavit explaining the circumstances of the damage to the passport.
  • All available identification such as birth certificate, driver's license, photocopy of the missing passport, or expired U.S. passport;

All applications for children under 16 require both parents' or legal guardians' consent. When applying for a child under age 16, the parent (or legal guardian) who is not accompanying the child must sign the application form DS-11 and submit a legible photocopy of his/her signed passport whether he/she is a U.S. citizen or not. Non-U.S. citizens may submit a legible photocopy of a signed passport or a signed national photo identification card.

If the non-applying parent is unable to sign the application form DS-11, he/she MUST submit a notarized statement of consent authorizing the parent accompanying the child to make the passport renewal application for his/her child on his/her behalf.

Statement of Consent: Issuance of a Passport to a Minor Under Age 16 (PDF 0 KB)

For information concerning notary services for this document please click here. No fee will be charged if the statement of consent is notarized at the Embassy. You MUST also submit an original or legible photocopy of the child's birth certificate.

Please remember to bring your, or your child's, Social Security number.

  • If you have no current identification, you should bring along an American friend or relative with his or her U.S. passport to vouch for you.
  • Two (2) identical, recent (last 6 months) color photos taken full face, with a white background, measuring 5 cm by 5 cm (2 in x 2 in). Please ask the photographer for U.S. passport-sized photos otherwise you may be given the wrong format.  Photo instructions.
  • The fee for replacement passports for applicants under 16 is $85.00 or the equivalent in Malaysian ringgit. The fee must be paid in cash or by credit card. The passport is normally valid for 5 years.
  • The fee for replacement passports for applicants 16 and over is $100.00 or the equivalent in Malaysian ringgit. The fee must be paid in cash or by credit card. The passport is normally valid for 10 years.
  • Searches of passport files, if necessary, require an additional fee of $60.00.

Once we have received the complete passport application, it takes approximately two weeks for you to receive your new passport.

Non-emergency replacement passports are processed in the United States and normal processing time is 10 working days.  In emergency cases, we can issue a limited validity passport at the Embassy. The passport may be replaced with a full validity passport when you return to the United States. There is no fee if you replace the emergency passport within one year.

*Remember: all applicants replacing a lost, stolen, damaged or mutilated must apply in person.*

When traveling, please remember to carry a photocopy of your U.S. passport separately from your U.S. passport. In the event of loss or theft, the copy will facilitate issuance of an emergency passport.

Security at the Consular Section

All official facilities are mandated to use access control procedures for all visitors and their handbags and packages. No luggage, electronic or photographic equipment is permitted in our waiting room or on other Embassy premises.


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