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Lincoln Corners
Lincoln Corner

Lincoln Corners

Lincoln Corners (PDF 729kb) are special collections of information about the United States of America that are provided to state libraries in various provinces of Malaysia to better inform the public in those provinces about American business and educational opportunities, U.S. history and culture, travel tips, and other topics to promote mutual understanding and stronger ties between the United States and Malaysia.

Why is it called a Corner?

The U.S. Embassy seeks to work in partnership with State Libraries in Malaysia, taking only a small corner of their existing facilities to provide additional information about the United States of America. This will be, in every respect, a two-way partnership. The Lincoln Resource Center will work together with each State Library to ensure that materials provided are appropriate for and responsive to the needs to the State Library audiences.

Why was Lincoln’s name used for these Corners?

Abraham Lincoln was the first U.S. President to correspond with a ruler in Southeast Asia (he discussed a proposed gift of elephants offered to America by the King of Thailand) but, more importantly, the library at the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur is named the Lincoln Resource Center.  The Lincoln Corners carry the same name to demonstrate that there will be an ongoing, mutually-beneficial relationship between State Libraries and the Lincoln Resource Center, to help the Embassy’s vast book and information resources reach out to every province.

Upcoming Events

Thursday, April 23: “Bumblefoot Guitar Workshop” - Lincoln Corner Sarawak
Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, world renowned guitarist from the legendary American band Guns ‘N Roses will present a music workshop featuring guitar skills and a selection of American pop and rock songs for music students. 

Friday, April 24: “Bumblefoot Concert Under the Stars” - Lincoln Corner Sarawak
In the evening, Bumblefoot’s will perform a concert outside Pustaka Negeri Sarawak (which houses the Lincoln Corner) in the tranquil and elegant lakeside compound, where the public will also be able to enjoy their own family picnic while being entertained by renditions of electrifying music and songs, “under the stars.” The concert will likely include a local band.

Tuesday, April 28: “Rocking Johor--Bumblefoot Concert” -- Lincoln Corner Johor
The Lincoln Corner in Johor will host Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, world renowned guitarist from the legendary American band Guns ‘N Roses.  Bumblefoot will present a workshop and a special public concert at the Lincoln Corner, showcasing American rock music.  The workshop will feature guitar skills and a selection of American pop and rock songs for music students.  Bumblefoot’s public concert to be held at the Johor Bahru City Hall may also incorporate some Malaysian musicians. 

Tuesday, May 6: “English for Secondary School Students” – Lincoln Corner Kelantan
Fulbright English Language Fellow Shaheed Sabrin will lead an English camp for about 100 secondary school students.  Shaheed, a graduate of the University of Southern California, with a MAT in TESOL, and a B.A. in Dramatic Arts/Entrepreneurship was also the recipient of Jack Nicholson's Award for Outstanding Actor, for his portrayal of an asylum seeking patient in 2010.  Shaheed is known to use theatre arts to teach pronunciation and dynamic speaking. 

Wednesday, May 7: “English for Secondary School Students” – Lincoln Corner Penang
Acting Cultural Affairs Officer Angie Mizeur and Regional Information Resource Officer Sarah Ziebell will lead an English camp designed specially for about 100 secondary school students.  The fun-filled, interactive, English camp aims to enable young participants to practice their English speaking skills with native American English speakers (the facilitators). They will also participate in skits and public speaking exercises, and enhance their self-confidence. 

Saturday, May 23: Knowledge Camp with English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) - Lincoln Corner Sarawak

Lincoln Corners

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