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Reports of Birth Abroad

Most children born to American citizens abroad acquire U.S. citizenship at birth.  While the requirements can seem complicated (see "Acquisition of U.S. Citizenship by a Child Born Abroad"), the American Citizen Services Unit will help you work through the complexities to ensure your child is properly documented.

To document your child's U.S. citizenship, his or her birth should be registered at the Embassy as soon after birth as possible.  A Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) (Form FS-240) will be issued to serve as proof of citizenship.  The CRBA can be used similarly to a U.S. birth certificate, e.g., to apply for a passport, enter school, gain employment.

To apply for a CRBA, both parents must bring the child to the Embassy.  Because of the paperwork involved, CRBAs are done by appointment only.  Please call 603-2168-5000 or e-mail to schedule an appointment.  (Put “CRBA" in the subject line and include your name and local contact number in the body of the e-mail.)

Parents will need to submit the following forms and documents when applying for a CRBA:

  1. DS-2029 "Application for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad".  (Do not sign until directed by the consular officer.)
  2. SS-5FS (PDF - 163kb)"Application for Social Security Card".
  3. "Affidavit of Parentage and Physical Presence" (PDF - 417kb).  (Complete only if requested.)
  4. Child's original Malaysian birth certificate.
  5. The parents' passports.
  6. The parents' marriage certificate and evidence of termination of any previous marriages.
  7. Other documents related to the birth such as hospital records, records of pre-natal care, etc.
  8. Evidence of the citizen parent's physical presence in the United States from his/her birth until the birth of the child.  (School report cards or transcripts, employment records, income tax returns, W-2 forms, social security earnings statements, pay receipts, and passport entry/exit stamps, are examples of documents that can be used for this purpose.)
  9. The fee $100.00 or the equivalent in Malaysian ringgit.  (Fees may be paid in cash or by credit card.)

Documents presented should be originals or certified copies.  Any documents not in English must be accompanied by certified translations.

Passport Applications

We recommend that parents apply for their child's U.S. passport at the same time they apply for the CRBA.  See "Passport Services" for further information.

Social Security Cards

We will send the SS-5FS Social Security Card application form to the Social Security Administration.  A social security card will be sent directly to you at the address listed on the form.

Additional Copies of CRBA

The Embassy cannot provide replacement or additional copies of the CRBA, but you may obtain them from the Department of State in Washington, DC.  See for instructions.